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Yo!Kart V10 – Enhanced Shipping & Payments, Easy Data Migration, and Improved UI/UX


Operating an online eCommerce platform is a heavy set of burdens. From attracting customers and popular sellers to your platform, managing deliveries, payment processing, and handling customer queries, it’s easy to get bogged down if you haven’t got the technology to manage it all for you.

Yo!Kart has broken new ground as a robust multi-vendor marketplace software with its spectacular capabilities to build and manage eCommerce marketplaces. We are excited to announce the V10 release of Yo!Kart that can add new dimensions to your eCommerce businesses.

From data migration, listing digital products, offering discounts and coupons, streamlining payments and shipping, and defining review parameters, the new version will offer a truly dynamic selling and buying experience. Here’s what to expect in this release in more detail:

New Features

In Yo!Kart V10, business owners now get a unified workspace that connects all the dots of an eCommerce business: seamless shipping, hassle-free data migration, smooth payments, customizable product ribbons, and badges, offering a better interface for sellers and buyers. Let’s check out all the new features Yo!Kart V10 is bringing to enable eCommerce entrepreneurs to serve even better.

Data Migration from Shopify to Yo!Kart

Data Migration from Shopify is now supported in Yo!Kart V10. Admin and sellers can transfer all of their important data including products, customers, orders, sellers, and entities related to them from Shopify to Yo!Kart automatically, accurately, and securely. The software ensures no downtime on the current store, proper data transfer, and dedicated support during and after the migration to Yo!Kart.

Admin Shipped Product Listing Page

Admin can see the list of the sellers who have shipped the Master Products themselves. The master products that are shipped by the admin are also displayed on the listing page. Shipping profiles linked with the products can also be viewed by the admin.

Listing of Digital Products

Sellers/admins can add the preview (audio/video) of digital products like eBooks where buyers can view the sample/preview to get an idea of the product before making the purchasing decision. This trending feature of eCommerce is now available in Yo!Kart V10 by integrating JW Player plugin that gives your store an edge with increased conversion rates and efficient customer experience eventually reducing product returns.

Sellers and admins also have this option to attach the latest updates to the digital products with the orders that are already placed. Enabling this will send an update to the buyers who have already placed their orders.

Product Ribbons

Admin can create product ribbons (colored labels over product photos) for the products that require a spotlight. These ribbons make it easier for the customers to find the products they would truly love and help you to put your store’s best foot forward. Admins will have full control over these ribbons and can monitor and adjust everything from the dashboard. 

Product Badges

Yo!Kart V10 comes with product badges which are textual and graphical labels used to highlight items in the store to draw the user’s attention immediately. These badges can be used to tap into powerful psychological triggers such as scarcity, social proof, and urgency to boost sales. The product badges are created by the admin and are of two types – manual and automatic.

Manual badges are needed to be linked with the shop/product by the seller which can with er be done directly or by requesting the admin. Automatic badges are automatically linked with the shop/product if it fulfills the conditions defined by the admin while creating the badge such as ratings, order cancellation rates, order completion rates, and many more.

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Payment Gateways

With already more than 20 payment gateways integrated into Yo!Kart, Version 10 comes pre-integrated with 4 new payment gateways – Mollie, Payfast, YoCo, and QNB to streamline the sales conversion funnel even more efficiently. These multiple payment gateways ensure that your business is able to collect and disburse payments safely in any corner of the globe.

Additionally, multiple payment gateways would not only satisfy the choice of customers who have a couple of selected payment gateways in their mind but would also serve as a backup when there is downtime in any of the payment gateways. There will be no hindrance in continuing your business with multiple payment gateways that can fill each other’s gaps. 

Shipping APIs

With ShipStation and AfterShip already integrated into Yo!Kart, the new version comes pre-integrated with 3 more shipping APIs – Shiprocket, EasyPost, and ShipEngine. The multiple shipping APIs allow you to compare shipping rates across all carriers and choose the best fit.

Reduced checkout abandonment, automatically validating addresses, real-time tracking, less time spent on tedious shipping tasks, and increased efficiency are some of the benefits offering a powerful competitive advantage for your eCommerce platform.


Admin can now define new review/rating parameters at the time of creating a new product category. Additionally, the product, seller, and shipping can be reviewed and rated separately to have more transparency. Buyers can view the separate ratings for every parameter and not based on the average of all the ratings to make an informed decision.

Missing Product Information

There are around 20 parameters defined under the product/inventory module which are to be filled by the admin/seller before listing a product. Failing to fill in all these details of the product will prevent the product from displaying on the front end.


The enhancements and upgrades in Yo!Kart V10 include:

Performance Updates

– Enhanced/updated cache mechanism to make your system optimized and enables you to perform the action quickly.
– Dashboard segregation has been executed at the code level which again enhances the functionality of the system and ensures optimum utilization of resources.

User Experience and Enhancements

– Buyers do not need to set passwords for their accounts, they can register and log in via OTP.
– Fresh and new UI/UX for front end and admin dashboard.
A help text section has been added on the Admin side for the majority of the Primary Pages explaining the steps and impacts associated with functionalities. It appears on the right side of a page at the Admin’s end.
– A sorting feature has been introduced on the listing pages to perform bi-directional sorting operations.

Alert & Suggestion Text Bar (Admin)

An alert and suggestion bar has been introduced at Admin’s end to display the necessary information to be kept in mind (as a warning/recommendation) while filling/configuring the details related to that module or submodule.

Tax Module Enhancements

Introduced new form fields while setting up Tax rules in order to handle various to-from workflows.

Stripe Connect Enhancements

– The seller onboarding workflow has been updated to a Stripe-hosted platform personalized page.
– Added payout delay settings under the Admin.
– Updated the payment page to the stripe-hosted solution.
– Removed the saved card functionality.
– Enhanced support for EU countries.

Excited to Learn More About Yo!Kart V10

Product Addition Enhancements

Single Page Flow: Every detail related to a Product can be filled/managed in one go and Admin/Seller does not have to go through multiple tabs.
– Language-specific flow
Product-specific Options Linking at the Inventory level: Once you have created a product, linked options to it, and then, added the inventory details for all the variants, you cannot go back to the Product Form and link more options to that product. However, you can add more option values for the options that have already been added to that product.

Inventory Form Enhancements

– Updated the inventory addition workflow.
– Once a seller configures product-related details, the system will automatically generate product variants listing depending upon the linked Options’ permutation and combination for that Product. But this will be the case when the Product options combinations count is below 20. If this count is greater than 20 then the user has to manually configure the Product inventories.
– The seller can add additional files while completing a digital order.

Theme and Font Enhancements

– Included Google Font feature in the system facilitating the user experience.
– Enhanced the color theme module with preview options.

Shipping Module Enhancements

– Option for Sellers to configure their own shipping APIs in the Dashboard.
– Option for Sellers to use manual rates with shipping API (Admin configured/Seller configured).
– Option for Sellers to use preferred API regardless of Admin’s side settings.

Note: We have proper documentation for the Shipping module covering multiple case-based scenarios.

User Management Module Enhancements

Admin now can create users in the Platform.

GDPR Enhancements

– Users can set their cookie preferences that can be used by the system based on their consent.
– Guest user data is stored in cookies while registered user data is stored in the database.
– Added management of functional, statistical, and personalization cookies.

Reports Enhancements

  • Sales
       – Sales over time
       – Products
       – Product Variants
       – Shops
       – Customers
  • Users
       – Buyers
       – Sellers
       – Affiliates
       – Advertisers
  • Financials
       – Earnings
       – Profit by-products
       – Preferred payment methods
       – Payout
       – Transactions
  • Subscription
       – By plan
       – By seller
  • Discount Coupons

Listing Page Enhancements

– Added maps listing view for Products containing the Shop details and Price details corresponding to the Products available in this Shop.
– Added map view for all Shop listing pages.
– Option to increase the price of a product based on dates (Price Surge – Managed under the Admin>Promotions>Special Price Module).

UI/UX Enhancements

– User experience improved for All Categories page and Seller’s Shop page.
– Intensified the use of SVG sprite images (Vector-based) and grouped its management in a more easy way.
– Increased the number of layouts for Categories, Products, Banner, Brands, etc.
– Comparison of different sellers’ prices on the Product Detail page offering more options to the buyers.

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Over to You!

The core user experience remains the highest priority for us here at Yo!Kart and along with the latest features, this release tackles a bunch of enhancements. That’s all from us for now! We’ll be back again with all the updates that our team is working on currently.Until then, connect with us to have a chat about anything you might want to know about Yo!Kart V10. We’re all ears.

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