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Yo!Kart Gets Major Upgrades, Feature Enhancements, and Fixes

YoKart Chef08.07.2019
Yo!Kart Gets Better & Bigger

Yo!Kart is a leading name among the online marketplace platform vendors and ever since its inception in 2015, it has improved continuously. From startup-friendly payment terms to serving billion dollar entities, Yo!Kart has been at the forefront to enable startups, SMBs, and large enterprises to add eCommerce capability.

The market-ready eCommerce marketplace platform took the online retail industry by storm and its dominance is backed up with accolades like receiving the “The Best Product Award at TiE-STPI Awards 2016” and the trust of more than 1000 eCommerce marketplaces. The team has constantly worked to improve the product and customer satisfaction which has led to a happy and satisfied global clientele.

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The Yo!Kart team is always ready to deliver customer-first forward-thinking eCommerce solutions and recent upgrades are another step towards adding more value for the clients. Let’s take a look at recent improvements.

What are the recent upgrades in Yo!Kart Marketplace?

  • A completely new User Interface (UI) for front-end, shop, and dashboard pages
  • New & improved user dashboards for optimized performance as compared to the previous version
  • Full-screen view of the product images
  • Dependency on service and public servers eliminated — media uploads from local machine enabled
  • Referred users listing page now available for affiliate users
  • jQuery version updated to 3.4.1
  • Option to select multiple articles (Delete, Status Changes) for admin, seller, and buyer
  • PHP scripts upgraded to PHP V7.2 (PHP mailer Autoload function deprecated)

Feature Enhancements in Yo!Kart Marketplace

Import-Export Module
  • Introduced ‘Product temp images’ page under the ‘Misc’ section in the Admin Console that updates the status of cron job set for image update during bulk import.
  • Introduced ‘Upload Bulk images’ page under the ‘Misc’ section in the Admin Console allowing the users to add zip file for images that need to be imported via CSV file.
Cart and Wishlist

Cart and Wishlist

  • Connectivity in Cart and Wishlist modules allows users to move products from cart to wishlist and vice-versa easily
  • The cart will now display total cart value with items count in the header
Listing Pages

Listing Pages

  • Listing pages have been updated and the products are loaded through a permanent link and respective filters via Ajax. This will improve the page load speed and optimize listing pages for search engines.
  • ‘Sort by most discounted’ filter added
  • Added fields for minimum and maximum Cash on Delivery (COD) order limit for sellers.
  • A maximum negative amount on COD allowed for sellers. Defined at a global level as well as seller level for admin.
Performance Optimization
  • Parent category link in the header navigation has been disabled to improve page load speed
  • Restricted empty search to increase page load speed. The search string must be at least 3 characters
User Dashboards

User Dashboards - Buyer

  • Updated the Seller, Buyer, Affiliate and Advertiser dashboard KPIs with better statistics
  • Other General Enhancements
  • Introduced validations handling/messages through a centralized class/repository
  • Option values cannot be deleted from the ‘Options’ group if it is linked with a product in a seller’s inventory
  • All Admin links will now open in a new tab for better usability
  • New ‘Cost Price’ field for products. The cost price will be reflected in the reports where users can view the profits made per product
  • On the product detail page user cannot add ‘qty’ more than available inventory for the product
  • Added a layout template preview for Content pages
  • Removed collections’ ‘primary record field’ and ‘managed collection’ from static defined values
  • Added a filter to refine search listing on the catalog page in the admin console based on user

Recent Fixes to Add More Reliability

  • Functional updates & code fixes for heading layout direction in the Seller order view
  • Payfort & Paytm payment gateway issues fixed
  • Updated payment gateway APIs
  • Product Model mandatory option in the Admin console fixed
  • Request new brand’ count will be displayed on the admin sidebar
  • Available date’ checks for products to display on the front end fixed
  • Featured shops & All Shops listing issues fixed
  • Added recently viewed products slider on the product view page
  • Updated the slides banner identifier to be unique
  • A system accepting ‘Date From’ greater than ‘Date To’ on discount coupon form issue fixed
  • Fixed Integer and Alphanumeric validation for Phone No. and Zip Code
  • Applied Validation for adding more than 100% volume discount
  • Restriction on entering a negative value in the ‘free shipping on’ field in the manage shop page
  • Fixed Price filter now accepting decimal input
  • Apple touch icon displays correctly now
  • Fixed Aweber code
  • Fixed redirection to the same page after turning on the ‘Shipped by me’ option on the seller dashboard.

As consumer expectation increases, the Yo!Kart team works with the client and improve the eCommerce marketplace platform constantly. Leverage the market-readiness offered by Yo!Kart and kick-start your online multi-vendor marketplace today.

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Author: YoKart Chef is an ecommerce guru and knows what startups need to thrive in a competitive market. Entrepreneurs & CEOs can count on YoKart Chef for valuable insights on latest ecommerce trends. Follow Yo!Kart on social media for latest updates Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

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