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Yo!Kart Add-ons To Upgrade Your Ecommerce Marketplace

Watching a business grow is every entrepreneur’s dream. From digital marketing efforts to lead conversions, every single factor makes a difference in business growth. Yo!Kart, since its launch, has always shared the goal and came up with growth oriented features and extensions for ecommerce business owners. When Yo!Kart Version 6 was launched in December 2016, ecommerce marketplace owners got 6 major features that brought them at par with the global businesses. It had following additions
  • Subscription Module
  • PPC Module
  • Digital Wallet
  • Theme Management
  • Shipping Management
  • Smart Personalization.
As ecommerce started gaining popularity on a global level, many growing economies that also joined the bandwagon wanted to have a good share of the growth. Along came the fact that growing economies still rely on Cash on Delivery, a payment option that ecommerce sector called the Necessary Evil. Keeping this point in view, we launched Yo!Kart Version 7 in March 2017 that included COD module as a default in-built feature. Along with that, Yo!Kart also enabled ecommerce marketplace owners to sell digital products such as PDFs and other software. The interesting thing about Yo!Kart is that all the versions of this turnkey marketplace solution were, and are, made in real time. Our analysts see what the latest tech and commercial trends are, and based on that research, further upgrades are made in this system. It’s an ongoing process, and each version of Yo!Kart gives you enough room to make amends to stay in tune with the market norms and trends.

Yo!Kart V8

As the current times call for another major upgrade, we decided to go all-in and give our clients a solution to keep them ahead of their competitors. Doing this was possible only in one way: give an unprecedented user experience to the customers. Given the fact that ecommerce is a business that brings the whole world together, we knew the call for globalization will need to break the linguistic and currency barriers. Moreover, we simply wanted to give Yo!Kart a complete makeover. The 8th version of Yo!Kart, released on august 4th, 2017 has all the features of previous versions along with the following upgrades:
  • New Design:That’s the most prominent change you’ll see on the Yo!Kart V8. Be it the front end, the admin panel, sellers vies or the end user’s perspective, everything is changed for better. Website management has also become way easier and efficient.
  • Multi-Currency: It’s definitely a feature that will help business take a worldwide approach. A simple click on the drop down menu at the top right corner enables customers to view product price in their preferred currency.
  • Multi-Lingual: This feature not only enables you to target a particular country or region, but also makes a remarkable presence in cosmopolitan cities where people from different ethnicities live. Just like multi-currency, this feature also works on the go, with a click on the drop down menu, just next to the currency tab.
Multi-lingual and multi-currency are two features that enable marketplace owners to save money on additional websites. So now you won’t have to worry about managing different websites and adding up the total revenue generated from each site. One site is all you’ll need to tap different demographics and ethnicities. And then we have included Smart Product Recommendations to improve shopping experience while improving the possibility of increased cart value. To make things easy for sellers and marketplace owners, Product Catalog System is incorporated.

Need a New Module for Your Existing Yo!Kart Marketplace?

How Yo!Kart Helps The Previous Version Owners?

We make sure the latest upgrades bring everything on the platter for our clients. Moreover, we also take great care in ensuring that our previous version owners also get to enjoy the benefits of these upgrades. To help Yo!Kart based ecommerce marketplaces, we have curated a list of add-ons that can be easily implemented to stay at par with the current ecommerce trends, both technical and business oriented.


At Yo!Kart, we believe in giving business owners the freedom to choose the features they want to offer their customers.Just because you have an older version of Yo!Kart, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of the features in the upgraded version(s). We give you the freedom to choose the right features for your marketplace, just integrate it as an add-on, and your system is good to go. And of course, you can upgrade anytime you want

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