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Starting an online marketplace for unique handmade items: The story of weDIY


The online handmade products industry in Germany has grown dramatically over the last two decades recording a significant boost in revenue generation. For instance, the eCommerce revenue in the DIY sector in Germany in 2023 is estimated to reach US$55.39 billion. Over the period of 2023 to 2028, the market is expected to exhibit a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.13%. Such a boom in the handmade industry is a result of creative DIY online marketplaces like Etsy and weDIY.

About weDIY

Powered by Yo!Kart, weDIY is an online community marketplace for creative designers or sellers in Germany to market their unique handmade items directly to the consumer. There are separate storefronts for individual sellers to personalize and list/sell their handcrafted items in the marketplace.

Homepage pf weDIY

How was the Idea of weDIY Born?

Erkan Eroglu, the founder of weDIY, envisioned a platform that serves as a virtual place for designers, artists, and creative individuals. His idea behind creating an online eCommerce platform was to bring like-minded individuals together to exchange ideas, interact with sellers, rate and purchase products, and find inspiration. Erkan aimed to establish a bridge between creative individuals and buyers passionate about acquiring handmade products and value the associated benefits such as environmental sustainability and superior quality.

What is the Dream and Mission of weDIY?

At weDIY, the platform participants, whether they are buyers or sellers, get the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and form regular groups for interaction. They can advertise their products without any cost and even execute collaborative campaigns with other shops.   

The primary goal of the marketplace is to offer a dedicated platform for Germany’s creative do-it-yourselfers to showcase their handmade items to a wide and curious audience. With a vast collection of products available, sourced either directly or from weDIY or curated by designers or creative individuals, the platform offers a diverse range of items, including vintage products that are at least 20 years old.

Welcome to Handmade Community of weDIY

How Did Yo!Kart Fulfill Erkan’s Vision of Building weDIY?

Yo!Kart team delivered a customizable and scalable eCommerce platform, fulfilling Erkan’s vision of building an online handmade products marketplace. He was fully satisfied with the outcome. These few words highlight his awe-inspiring experience of using Yo!Kart multi-vendor marketplace solution.

Testimonial for Yo!kart from the Founder of weDIY -  Erkan Eroglu

Source: Capterra

Not only this, the buyers at weDIY were in awe of the marketplace’s visually appealing design. Here is a capture of one such buyer’s review on Trustpilot.

Testimonial by buyers at weDIY

Yo!Kart team always strives to deliver excellent customer service to its clients. Besides, seeing such fantastic feedback for weDIY from its customers inspires and motivates us to further pursue excellence.

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