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Renting Module Integration- A must have for Ecommerce Stores


P2P renting is the next thing Ecommerce Stores are looking at to increase growth prospects.

Transformation is the essence of technology. Initially we looked at computers as data storage and office keeping stuff only, then came internet and the row of social media platforms followed.

Right now we have 3-4 billion internet users worldwide and approximately 2 billion of them are actively using social media platforms. The growth is overwhelming, rapid and huge; not just on social but ecommerce front too.

Businesses are enjoying the engagement that internet puts forth and broadening the scope of online selling. The growing demand of P2P Renting platforms is the outcome of this massive growth ecommerce has been tasting for last few years.

Add Renting Feature to Your Ecommerce Store

Let your users share apparels, cars, homes, travel activity gears, etc. Add an advanced renting module to your online store because people want to share more things online. As per the recent report of PwC, the sharing economy sector of UK could multiply 20 times their current worth by 2025.

The world is turning to collaborative economy

With rising awareness about environment & sustainable development, the world is keen to move towards a collaborative economy. Following technology drivers are building a positive image about shared economy concept amongst the consumers.

  1. Internet penetration
  2. Smartphone users
  3. Safe payment options

Integrating a renting module with ecommerce store is the right move for businesses who want to challenge the status quo of ecommerce industry and hope to come up with a distinct business idea.

Make your store such that users not only buy products but also have the option to rent their items.

Renting is more than a popular business model; it’s  a decent source to add an extra revenue stream to your business. After getting frequent queries about the renting option, Yo!Kart makes it official. You can now get custom integration of Renting Module developed as per the current standards and challenges of online rental business model.

To make sure that there is no hindrance in the road to success of budding entrepreneurs, we have packed this renting module with necessary functionalities and features that will help your store attain seamless renting process. To know more about it, send your query to YoKart.

Add an extra revenue stream to your Yo!Kart Store, Integrate Renting Module

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