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On Site Tips for Selling More on your Ecommerce Marketplace


The presence of wireless technology has entirely changed the way we live, work and shop. While retailers always have the option of joining hands and making distribution via aggregators like Amazon and eBay, there can be many advantages of having your own online storefront.  It gives sellers the confidence and better control over their branding, content, access and customer information.

There can be many ways for generating revenue when selling on site. It is very important for ecommerce sellers to invest in the right arenas of marketing as this is the rudiment difference between a normal and an exceptional year of growth.

Increasing the amount of customers is the most common method for landing more conversions and earning higher profits. Sellers can also expand their customer base by increasing the average order value (AOV) and also the number of times a customer may buy from you.  Let us look at a few sure shot tips that can maximize sales on your ecommerce platform.

Information is Evolutional

Product information is the only thing that can make your product or service unique from others in the online market. Always remember that the user can look for other similar products online in just a few clicks. Make sure all products offered have their individual pages where the description is detailed and answers all questions a consumer may have while browsing through it.

High resolution photographs, unique product descriptions and a simple shopping cart are key ingredients for a smooth online shopping experience. Adding a ‘bought’ statistic right next to a savings percentage can reassure your visitors that they are getting maximum value for money as many others have already made the same purchase.

Irrelevant information displayed in an unorganized way can disorient, confuse and literally frustrate your audience. Keep improving and updating even after your site goes live and spend time doing so once every 1-2 weeks.

Design is Important

Design choices make a major part of UX and thus have a direct impact on your audience. Intuitive usability and readability make it easier for the customers to navigate through the website and eventually buy the product.

Always split test the color and textual content of CTAs, here are a few ways to conduct A/B testing like an expert.  It may be possible that a specific color CTA or heading can help you get more conversions. Make sure that the calls to actions are unmissable.

Use easy forms when asking users to fill out information on your website. If the engagement time with a form doesn’t exceed 30 seconds, you are good to go! Visual representations and product unwrapping videos are creative ideas that lure more audience to your website. Always provide sales support with any native chat to personalize communication.

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Credibility Comes Handy

Wendy Guerin from Cookbook Village quotes, “Listen to your market and your own instincts when it comes to marketing your online store.” Always have faith in your customers and make sure you feature product testimonials on your website. These help new customers relate to the product on a personal level as they know the opinions from previous users.  Product reviews can help you boost trust with your funnel.

Adding trust elements can add credibility to your website and eventually help boost sales. Third party support like testimonials, citations, articles and other publications help customers build confidence in your organization.

Hence, make sure you mention your organization’s physical address and also images of your working environment to make your business look genuine and professional. You need to tap on the right purchase drivers to enhance the user experience and accelerate the shopping process.

Always make it easy for your audience to contact you and make sure you get back to them at the earliest. Your content must be a reflection of your affiliations and credentials of your expert employees.

Last but not the least make sure you avoid errors of any kind, be it spelling mistakes or broken links as they are extremely harmful for your website’s credibility.

Up, Cross & Down Is the Way to Go

Upselling, cross-selling and down-selling are the three musketeers of the current online retail market game. You can create exciting offers convincing your audience to either switch to a more expensive product, or offer them a deal in which they buy a useful combo. For example, a seller can offer a discount deal on hair conditioners if they opt to buy a shampoo along. For viewers abandoning the carts often, it is a good idea to offer them economical deals with basic products.

Make sure that your deals are related to the original product that the user is looking for and also keep in mind the price range of your audience. Sellers can initiate this by product recommendation modules to their webpages and move on to including add-on services with upsells, cross-sells and down sells on the cart page.

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Never Leave Social Media Behind

Launching a Facebook Store or being active on Instagram and other social media platforms allows a retailer to move offers and other information quickly across many channels with minimal effort. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone and people rely on social media for everything they do.  Social media presence can help you build a trusted brand with time.

Apart from Facebook and Instagram advertising, mine twitter to expand your social circle to let more people know about your website. Invest in paid ads and talent acquisition by keeping all communication channels open.

Vine can help you create and share quick 6-sec videos that can be largely utilized for promotional purposes. Pinned visual content can also land you with some serious web traffic. Use visuals and infographics on Pinterest and don’t forget to link them to your webpages.

Make sure you keep a close eye on your competition. Invest in conducting photo, video and caption contests to engage more visitors on social media platforms.

Invest in Integrated Email Workflows

Emails are one grand way for retailers to communicate with the clientele. Not only the old or loyal customers but it also helps you target new customers who can be confused while making a decision or may abandon the cart during the checkout process. Will all that being said, do keep in mind that it all begins with creating the buyers’ persona to approach them the right way.

A preferred marketing tactic is to invest in post purchase email strategy. Use retargeting for gaining preference over your competitors, getting new clients and increasing your brand awareness.

Provide your customers a discount on future sales for leaving a feedback. Keep sending them wish list reminders to gain popularity.  Give them the best offers based on their browsing preferences. All these and similar methods give your customers every reason to feel important and be loyal to your business.

Strategize Marketing

Business owners need to invest in marketing strategies to get higher conversion rates when selling on an ecommerce marketplace. Engagement marketing is an extremely important part of any marketing strategy these days. Retailers are now focusing on providing brand experience rather than selling a commodity.

Using contextual marketing can be a fairly creative idea as you connect with an audience through formats that liaise with demographics and help put the right idea into the customers mind at the right time. Such marketing techniques give us an option to combine humor and timeliness in an effective way, thereby attracting more audience than usual.

Conduct surveys, focus groups and one-on-one interactions with the target audience to reveal information about their choices, expectations and needs. This can help you understand exactly what your customers will get out of the deal you are offering them.

Releasing product comparison guides, being socially proof, broadcasting podcasts and covering related events can give you more collaborating space thereby helping you build reputation.

It is also important for your website to have a great content strategy that includes EBooks, 101 guides, whitepapers, hot industry topics, product reviews and guest posts. Content audits and other branded tools can help you maintain the overall quality of your website.

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Value your Customers

Whoever said ‘customer is king’ knew the importance of loyal clientele down the line. Giving your clients special incentives will make them prefer your website over others because they feel connected at a personal level. Analytics help us monitor how users consume the sales page, what they click and how far down do they scroll on a page.

Adding tracking codes can help you locate products that have minimum or no user attention. This can help you formulate offers, discounts, wish list offers and coupons to increase sales. Make sure you always get back to your customers if they purchase a re-fillable product or if you are out of stock.

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In the beginning your clients may feel irritated with promotional emails and offers but eventually they will want you to tell and show them more. Monitor what your audience is searching for and give them a reason to feel special and loyal to you.

Give your Old Customers Every Reason to be Loyal

Your repeat customers always deserve special attention. Plan surprises, feature testimonials and make them feel valuable. You can offer tangible value to your old customers by offering them exclusive insight and showing them that their opinion counts.

A few methods to start doing this is by providing free shipping, early access to new products, hosting sweepstakes and creating a point based loyalty program. Casual conversations with your visitors can be featured on your blog or social media pages.

Empower old users to connect with your brand by holding live Q&A sessions and remembering special days, hosting special events for loyal visitors and offering a free or discounted subscription after a big purchase.


Summing it all up, it is evident that most marketing strategies revolve around the need of the consumer in the 21st century. We are looking to a future where personalized online experiences will become a basic need of every marketing plan. Multi-vendor ecommerce platforms like YoKart can help you build a well-designed and attractive online store to sell your products.

Investing in marketing techniques that provide benefits to your customers along with an added personalized touch is the future of online businesses in the years to come. Given the fact that ecommerce has expanded its wings and is in full flight at the moment, designing an online platform that gives a meaningful experience to the user is what matters the most.

Generate more revenue and get more traction by never restricting yourself to sell via a single channel. It is immensely important to acquire customers by branding your products accordingly. Be creative and think out of the box when it comes to your products, brand, promotions and customers.

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