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Must Have Features for Your Multivendor Ecommerce Store

YoKart Chef03.21.2016
YoKart multivendor ecommerce platform

Multivendor ecommerce stores have an edge over single-vendor stores for obvious reasons. They offer a wider reach, better scalability, relatively easy business management, and higher profitability. It is not just by chance that world’s biggest ecommerce stores are all multivendor stores. And that’s why aspiring entrepreneurs who are targeting big are all going for multivendor ecommerce stores.

But just choosing multivendor doesn’t ensure success in ecommerce arena. You also need to ensure that your store has certain features that allow you to run your business successfully and help you get an edge over competitors. Major ones of these key features include:

SEO Friendliness

Competition in ecommerce arena is cut throat, and you can’t compromise on search engine visibility. It is imperative that your store has meta tags, sitemap, user-friendly URLs and other elements that help you rank better in search results.

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Social Media Integration

Apart from search engines, social media is the other major online channel where your target audience will be present. Thus, offering social media sharing options to customers as well as sellers is crucial for your store’s success.

Mobile Readiness

Fish where the fishes are. It is likely that traffic on your store will come from mobile devices mostly. Therefore, offering a seamless shopping experience through the means of responsive design or app is of utmost importance.

Powerful Customer Support

The bigger the system, the more the concerns. As a multivendor store owner, you will have to address queries of customers as well as merchants. That means, having key customer support features is a must for your store.

Extensive Reporting System

Success won’t come without knowledge. Thus, having an extensive reporting system that keeps you informed on sales, traffic, registrations, conversion, inventory, and other crucial metrics will help you formulate better business strategies.

With Yo!Kart, you will get all these features in your multivendor store right off the shelf. Our ecommerce software has many other key features to ensure the success of your multivendor ecommerce store. View Yo!Kart’s complete feature list.

Stay tuned to learn more about multivendor ecommerce store essentials & Yo!Kart.

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Author: YoKart Chef is an ecommerce guru and knows what startups need to thrive in a competitive market. Entrepreneurs & CEOs can count on YoKart Chef for valuable insights on latest ecommerce trends. Follow Yo!Kart on social media for latest updates Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

george devin says:

Aug 02, 2018 at 11:am

Thank you for sharing this. I am also an online seller and i will implement the points that you have mentioned above.

YoKart Chef says:

Aug 03, 2018 at 7:pm

You are welcome George!
All the best for our online store.
Yo!Kart Team

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