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Flipkart Sells More Than Amazon in Festive Sale –Indian Ecommerce Sees Another Twist


The stats of India’s first big festive sale of 2016 are coming out now indicating a big win for Flipkart. The Indian ecommerce giant with its ‘Big Billion Day’ sale outsold Amazon India’s ‘Great Indian Sale’ by some 500,000 more unit sales.

In Indian ecommerce industry, the event is being seen as the turning point that Flipkart needed to regain its status as country’s leading online retailer, which for past few months was hampered by Amazon’s growing hold on the India’s online retail space.

Flipkart’s victory is actually bigger than it seems

During the festive sale, Flipkart sold a total of 15.5 million units, while Amazon clocked around 15 million sales. However, in contrast to Amazon’s unit sales, a good part of which includes Amazon’s Prime subscription service, groceries, & other daily consumables, Flipkart majorly sold high-priced physical goods such as smartphones, TVs, and fashion products.  Evidently, the products that people actually want to purchase during the festival season.

Considering these facts, the Indian online retailing giant outperformed its American counterpart by a good margin. According to Flipkart, it generated gross sales of INR 3,000 Crore (US $450 million) during the 5-day sale, while Amazon has not disclosed its sales figures yet.

A lesson for all ecommerce businesses

This comeback from Flipkart is a lesson for all ecommerce businesses facing some setbacks. It clearly tells that how by paying attention to customers’ needs and knowing what they want & when they want it is the key to the success.

The same mindset is reflected in the statement released by a Flipkart’s spokesperson, “Flipkart’s Big Billion Days is one of the signposts that defines our vision for transforming commerce in India by delivering high quality products to every customer that shops on Flipkart and to make these products accessible and affordable.

Stay tuned with YoKart for more

Assisting ecommerce startups with its impeccable technology solution, YoKart has always motivated entrepreneurs to adopt a positive mindset while entering ecommerce. Whether you find it hard to start your business journey or face glitches after establishing a startup, your quest to make it happen and a decisive plan of action will save your business despite all odds making it a risk worth your while.

Soon, we will discuss the state of ecommerce industry in India and will provide valuable stats and outline challenges & future opportunities to help online businesses take more informed decisions. Stay tuned.

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