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100 Elements of an Ecommerce Website (Infographic)


There will be 2.14 billion digital buyers worldwide by 2021. What does it tell?

Ecommerce is growing and with it, the competition to remain relevant to an audience is also getting fierce. Perceptions of risk, ecommerce education, internet penetration, etc., were the major challenges in the late nineties but today it’s all about delivering the customer experience (and delivering it consistently) your buyers look forward to.

The target audience and business model are the first things to consider before starting an ecommerce website. The second is the website itself, as it constitutes one of the major touchpoints of ecommerce sales funnel. You don’t see or hear your customers in-person while they are ready to buy or explore options on store. Besides targeted traffic and lead nurturing there are various challenges that need your attention and could be the key drivers of your ecommerce business success. The best part is these challenges escort opportunities to the market. The market is open to everyone and there are various untapped segments for you to start a new ecommerce business.

Each element on your ecommerce website must be carefully evaluated and analyzed to make sure there is an optimum level of user interaction with the brand. Along the similar lines, check the most important 100 elements of ecommerce store website (page wise and action wise) that contribute to customers’ journey.

100 Elements of an Ecommerce Website (Infographic)

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