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Drum Rolls: Amazon Launching Its Own Shipping Service For Businesses

Kavya Nair02.21.2018
amazon shipping service

Amazon is gearing up to compete with its shipping services FedEx and UPS, according to a report by Wall Street Journal. Amazon is planning to launch its own shipping services for businesses in LA in the coming weeks. Initially, the service will only be restricted to the sellers who are selling their products on Amazon’s marketplace.

Shipping product through Amazon Service is not a new development for the business. The e-commerce giant has been planning and building the infrastructure for years for finally competing with other established shipping providers. Some of you must have heard in the news before, Amazon expanding into ocean freights, Amazon leasing its own cargo planes, Amazon will now deliver packages inside your house with Amazon key, and working towards future of e-commerce trends by Drone delivery.

The pilot program has been tested in various cities but its initial launch is limited to Los Angeles. Amazon also plans to expand its service to more cities towards the end of this year. The so-called Shipping with Amazon is an end to end shipping services solution, which will pick up products from the seller and deliver it to the customer’s doorstep.

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