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All About eBay Business- Infographic On History, Timeline, Fun Facts & Important Figures


There is lot unexplored yet about eBay, the marketplace giant. If you try to learn its history online you may be left with heaps of content with too many facts and figures. Why? Because, eBay is the uncrowned king of ecommerce and bound to have an interesting timeline.

Millions of transactions take place on eBay every single day. As a household name all over the world, the company can be described as a global success story. With millions of products listed, you are sure to find what you are looking for and, after a quick checkout process, have the item delivered to your door.

Like most brands, the company had humble beginnings, starting out as a small, auction-based business. Over the years, many additional features have been added, such as the ‘Buy it Now’ option, which currently is used by about 80% of the eBay users.

You can buy almost anything that you can imagine on the site, even if the item in question is not readily available in a brick and mortar store. Collectors love it due to the availability of various rare items and the advanced searching capabilities.

The general public loves it because purchases can be made in a few clicks, often at a price lower than you would find elsewhere.

For sellers, eBay can work wonders. It is already a trusted brand, therefore customers feel confident making a purchase. Like all popular sites, it has its fair share of loyal customers.

The site can also provide great SEO benefits and compared to many other merchants, has lower fees attached to it.

Many e-commerce businesses use eBay as one of their main trading platforms, creating their very own shop and listing their items for customers to buy. Although there are still many second-hand items available to purchase on this marketplace giant, the site now leans more towards new items.

I’m sure this prompts you to know more about eBay. Check below the infographic by as it gives you a quick look at more of such facts about eBay business.  

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