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Building an eCommerce Startup in The US – BuyCBDSupps Success Journey


BuyCBDSupps is an eCommerce startup based out of Oregon, US. Read our conversation with Alex, the co-founder, and know their fascinating initial steps to becoming a prominent player in the promising online CBD niche. Learn about their early challenges and how they navigated them, their experience with team Yo!Kart, and advice for similar eCommerce startups.

Q1. How did your quest toward becoming a founder in this particular domain happen?

We started this company in the beginning of March 2020. The initial plan was to create a brand of supplements with CBD(own product) in it. Financial reasons were the reason for starting with this business model 一  a multi-vendor platform with our product in it and other vendors with CBD to sell on the platform.

It is the best decision we have made so far and especially choosing Yo!Kart was a very good decision.

Q2. Identifying the industry demands, how have you been able to achieve the vision you set forth as you forayed ahead in this journey?

Initially, when I was researching about a multi-vendor platform, it felt intimidating to me with the options available, choosing the right one for my business idea, and the varying opinions and suggestions about the same.

I chose Yo!Kart because of the platform itself and decided to try it out. I have no regrets. Everything has panned out perfectly.

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Q3. Where do you see yourself with this venture in the post-pandemic times – say 2 – 5 years down the line? 

2-4 years down the line I hope the website (suggestion alternate:business) is running smoothly. I hope we have a very good customer base. We are able to meet consumers’ demands and meet vendors’ demands. I have created a platform wherein everyone can buy CBD, grow the industry.

Q4. How far do you wish to sell these products – all over US, or any particular state?

 In the US, the varying legislation behind selling in various states can be very difficult to navigate. We do, however, plan on selling in the entire United States as long as local and federal regulations apply. 

Selling outside of the United States is something we will have to look into more. However, I do wish to sell outside of the US in the future as well. 

Q5. Your advice to other businesses facing the same challenges as you did?

Yes, I would advise businesses to make sure you read all the legislation very carefully, prior to starting it. 

Before all this when it was just an idea, it all seemed very easy, I started to look into particular things (specificities) of this industry. In this industry there is one thing you can do and three things you can’t, So I would just advise doing as much research as you can, trying to make the best decisions possible, and being ready for bumps in the road.

Q6. You must have looked into other service providers as well, What made you choose FATbit over the others that you considered? What differentiates it from its peers? 

I would say the biggest difference was the way I was treated as a possible user of the Yo!Kart platform. 

As soon as I was in contact with Abhishek (FATbit team), the experience was more than just getting a platform and I need people to do it, Rather its become more of a friendship because Abhishek and I go back and forth a lot, we talk a lot, happy new year, merry Christmas, and things like that.

The personal experience (with the software) is I would say ease of access, the admin panel is very efficient.

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Q7. Are you a seller (on the platform) yourself? 

On our platform, at the moment we just have one product, the main goal is to attract as many vendors as possible within the CBD industry 

I have a statement from my business partner “Your team has been a major part in helping us achieve our goal, and through their determination and hard work, we are close to finishing our website. I have only received respect and care through/from your team and they have helped us learn and better our company”

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