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Author: Gautam Sharma

Top 5 B2B Ecommerce Practices to Adapt

Gautam Sharma12.13.2017

B2B ecommerce industry is a rather interesting industry where the end customer of a business is a business. Products or services procured from this industry are used for growth and development of another industry. Hence, the relation between a B2B ecommerce marketplace and its customers is a tad bit different from the conventional B2C ecommerce business models. And thus, there are certain practices that can help you reap maximum benefits for your B2B business.

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How to Offer Best Shopping Experience to Your Customers

Gautam Sharma12.02.2017

Defining today’s customers is not a difficult task; they are impulsive, have short attention spans, eager to buy, and loyal only to customer experience with occasional instances of drifting off to another website for a better deal. In short, nothing much has changed, and the swift internet has made the already cutthroat competition even more brutal. Customer experience is the key aspect of success of a website, and today, we are going to discuss how best shopping experience to your customers.

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Secrets of Creating a Killer Ecommerce Marketplace Logo: Revealed

Gautam Sharma11.23.2017

Ever wondered what it takes to create a logo that truly stands out? Ever wondered what it takes to create a logo that mirrors your nature of business? Uniqueness, originality, expressiveness, there are many things we want from our brand logos, and we want them all from just one logo. Easier said than done, right? So now the question comes, what does it take to make a logo that is as amazing and resonating as all the logos we have ever seen and remembered? The answer is here, the secrets that help you take charge of the game.

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Key Security Measures Every Ecommerce Business Must Take

Gautam Sharma11.13.2017

Internet security becomes even more so important when it comes to business. Security is the first concern that every online business owner focuses on. After all, a slight miscalculation and you may lose a customer forever; in fact, lots of them. From personal information to financial information to intellectual property, everything that affects your business must be kept secure. Every online business owner knows this, the question is how? Today, we are going to answer this question.

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On-Page SEO for Ecommerce to Boost Rankings

Gautam Sharma11.08.2017

Many ecommerce website owners focus on many off page SEO strategies to enhance their website rankings on search engine result pages. In all these efforts, on page SEO happens to be an over looked practice. Internet expert have said times and again that on page SEO is as important and effective as off page SEO. The problem is that with time, people are starting to forget this method of garnering organic traffic and enjoying long sustaining results. In this article, we will talk about what on page SEO is, why is it important and some tips to help you get going.

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6 Easy Ways Ecommerce Stores Can Use Blog for Business Growth

Gautam Sharma11.07.2017

Blogs! Who doesn’t like to read blogs? The internet is full of them, and more blogs keep coming all the times. From ecommerce to fashion to culinary, you won’t find any industry out there that hasn’t used blogs, and rightly so. After all, blog is the prime medium through which brands leverage the power of…

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AR Technology in iOS and Android Will Revolutionize eCommerce Sector

Gautam Sharma11.06.2017

Augmented Reality is not a new concept anymore. Nokia gave us the City Lens in their Lumia series, and then we had Pokémon Go, an AR based game that took the world by storm. Eventually, this technological marvel reached where I believe it is going to reap maximum benefits to business owners and their audience: Ecommerce. With Apple Launching ARKit and Google Releasing ARCore, the two mobile-world moguls have already disrupted the way people like to shop online. It’s time for all the old and boring ecommerce technologies to step aside, for the stage is all set for shopping via AR.

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11 Times When Online Shopping Becomes An Ordeal For Users Like Me

Gautam Sharma10.30.2017

While ecommerce companies are striving day in and day out to stay margin positive, customer loyalty is becoming a major concern. But why is it the case? I’ll tell you why, for I am the voice of hundreds and thousands of people like me. I am an ecommerce shopper, one of the numerous, and I’ll tell you what problems your customers are facing while shopping online.

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How to Leverage Shopping Urge of Impulsive Buyers for Your Store’s Growth

Gautam Sharma10.23.2017

Impulsive buyers are an interesting customer segment, and not just because of their sudden and frequent desire to buy something. This group is particularly interesting because these customers have different triggers that set them on their path to buy something, or anything. The reasons may vary, but the underlying truth remains unchanged: Impulsive Buyers form a customer group you should be focusing on. For this, you need to know how to attract them and keep them coming, and that’s what this article is all about.

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