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How to Effectively Design Social Media Post for eCommerce Marketplace

Kavya Nair10.25.2017

Social media has been an important marketing channel from a long time. Social media platforms are releasing features and tools which if used innovatively can be beneficial for online business especially in ecommerce. Marketing on social media is all about thinking what is the preference of your audience and creating an out of the box strategy. Read this post to find out about social media strategies which can help ecommerce brands engage with audience and increase the user base.

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How Ecommerce Businesses Should Do Instagram Marketing to Gain Maximum Benefit

YoKart Chef06.16.2017

With over 700 monthly active users, and 3.5 billion images & videos being shared every day, Instagram is the new star performer among social media platforms. However, on Instagram, marketing is done in a unique way. Therefore, ecommerce brands & online marketers must learn these new ways of marketing to leverage the platform in the best manner. Read on to learn more about these unique ways of marketing on Instagram.

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