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Tag: purchase decision

10 Online Purchase Drivers You Need to Ensure in Your Ecommerce Store

Kavya Nair10.09.2017

There are many aspects on an ecommerce website that collectively influence customers’ buying decision. It is imperative for ecommerce store owners that besides marketing, they also pay heed to these sales-drivers on their website to grow their business. Here in this post, we have listed the 10 most effective purchase-drivers that influence online shoppers buying decision.

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How to Influence Customers during Different Stages of the Purchase Cycle

Ketan Malhotra08.14.2017

For a long period of time, companies and brands have been using different strategies to influence the purchase decision of the consumer. With eCommerce coming into picture the notion of conversions has become more prominent. By defining the purchase cycle of the consumer, eCommerce marketplace can target it to ensure that the consumer does convert and make repeat purchases. Read this post to find out more.

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