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50 Reasons To Choose Yo!Kart To Start eCommerce Marketplace

YoKart Chef01.15.2020

Yo!Kart has earned the trust of more than 1000 entrepreneurs and billion-dollar enterprises alike. Understanding the benefits of choosing a multi-vendor eCommerce platform such as Yo!Kart is essential. Here are 50 reasons to help you make an informed decision.

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25 Promotional Strategies To Boost Sales of eCommerce Marketplace This Christmas

YoKart Chef12.20.2019

Vendors and customers are the core of any eCommerce marketplace. Avid shoppers around the holiday season look for discounts and unique products. If your eCommerce website is equipped to handle the demands of the customers, get ready to witness a tremendous boost in your sales. Read ahead the marketing strategies that will make your sales figures change instantly.

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Optimized Supply Chain in Ecommerce Industry

YoKart Chef12.13.2019

Businesses often find it challenging to track inventory, cut costs and ensure faster shipping services. This is where the need for supply chain optimization arises, which includes investing in the latest technologies, innovating new supply chain strategies, and swiftly forecasting and reacting to customers’ demands. This blog explains why you must optimize your supply chain for business growth.

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B2B eCommerce Marketplace: Business Model With Examples

YoKart Chef11.25.2019

B2B eCommerce is complex given the scale of transactions and a series of steps they entail. To improve supply-chain management, there are three eCommerce model namely seller, buyer, and intermediary, determined by who controls the marketplace. In this blog, learn about the characteristics of all three business models and their suitability for different businesses.

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6 New PPC Strategies for Ecommerce Stores

Adam Enfroy11.15.2019

The world of e-commerce is expanding at a rapid pace giving rise to high competition. Businesses are draining thousands of dollars into PPC advertisements that do not yield desired results. There is no dispute in the fact that PPC advertisements are one of the most effective online marketing techniques to drive high-quality traffic and increase the conversion rate if strategized in the right manner. The success of PPC advertisements is simply a matter of optimizing the campaign. In this blog, we will discuss the 6 effective techniques of driving maximum ROI through PPC.

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How Yo!Kart Marketplace Buyer Mobile App Enables Mobile Commerce

YoKart Chef10.18.2019

Considering the convenience which ecommerce marketplace mobile applications bring, the use of apps has increased exponentially. If you want to start your ecommerce marketplace, then it is important to learn about the benefits of mobile apps. In this blog post, I have explained the benefits of mobile commerce through Yo!Kart mobile app for buyers. Continue reading to know more.

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Influencer Marketing Strategies to Drive E-commerce Sales

YoKart Chef10.07.2019

Influencer marketing has become indispensable to a business’ quest to reach their target audience and generate a desirable outcome. As well as creating social proof for your products and services, influencers use their creative skills to educate and subtly influence their audiences’ buying decision. Learn how to leverage Influencer marketing to your brand’s advantage

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Empowering Sellers of an Online Marketplace for Better Results

YoKart Chef09.27.2019

A marketplace comprises of sellers and large number of customers. Even in ecommerce, seller should provide an optimum space to be able to grow. The entrepreneur has to make sure they address the pain points of sellers fora better conversion rate of the marketplace.

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All You Need to Know About Starting An Ecommerce Marketplace in UAE

YoKart Chef09.13.2019

The UAE is becoming a popular destination for eCommerce entrepreneurs to open their online business in the region. This blog offers a brief overview of the local ecommerce market, strategy for starting a business in the UAE and why using a market-ready multi-vendor solution can offer you strategic advantage.

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Benefits Of Complete Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Marketplace Software For Sellers, Buyers, and Owner

YoKart Chef07.16.2019

Building an Amazon- or Etsy-like multi-vendor marketplace that flourishes with an engaging UI and attracts convertible leads is not rocket science, provided you are clear about the right platform to build it on. Yo!Kart is that platform, where you invest small for once, and earn continuous revenue from multiple streams. Continue reading to know more.

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