Yo!Kart Features

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Yo!Kart features

Top eCommerce Features

Order management in Yo!kartCustomer Order Management

Streamline your customer orders right from order placement, dispatch to delivery and optimize distribution with real-time analytics.

User management in Yo!KartUser Management

Organize your marketplace users (buyers, sellers, and affiliates) and manage approval requests, GDPR requests, and more in simple and easy steps.

Multi-vendor ecommerceMultivendor eCommerce

Multivendor marketplaces enjoy more stock and higher number of happy customers.

Multi-lingual feature in Yo!KartMultilingual Functionality (Enhanced)

Yo!Kart uses MSN Language API that translates into 70+ languages automatically making it a truly multilingual platform for global business reach.

Multi-currency feature in Yo!KartMulti-Currency Functionality(Enhanced)

Build a marketplace with Yo!Kart where buyers can transact and settle in their regional currency. Fixer API is pre-integrated for real-time currency conversion.

Discount Coupon Management in Yo!KartDiscount Coupon Management

Easily create custom discount coupons to promote sales or manage existing ones under the Promotions tab within the admin dashboard.

Shipstation Integration in Yo!KartShipStation Integration

Fetch live shipping rates and automate all your shipping processes/tasks quickly with the ShipStation API pre-integrated in Yo!Kart.

Easy to use CMS in Yo!KartCMS

FATbit’s In-house CMS to keep your audience hooked through regularly updated visual content, banner layouts, and more.

YoKart eCommerce Features

UI & UX Design Features

Responsive DesignResponsive Design Layout

Cater customers on all devices and browsers by offering a seamless user experience with Yo!Kart’s responsive design layout.

Display featured productsUser-Centered Design

From interactive viewing experience and seamless site navigation to intuitive checkout process, Yo!Kart has a user-centered design to build competitive advantage.

Buyer DashboardStreamline Checkout

Yo!Kart provides a fast, frictionless, and secure checkout experience to users. The checkout module allows buyers to choose their preferences for shipping and delivery.

Intuitive Buyer, Seller, & Admin areasIntuitive Buyer, Seller, & Admin areas

Enhanced dashboard features foster improved usability and enable message handling through a central repository.

Custom DesignProgressive Web Apps (PWA)

Yo!Kart is PWA compliant. This increases the conversion rate since the marketplace works seamlessly across channels.

Custom DesignFully Customized Design

Every facet of Yo!Kart’s intuitive design layout can be easily customized to its full extent. We leave enough room for personalization.

Product Management Features

Product catalog in Yo!KartProduct Catalog System

Yo!Kart ensures well-defined product tags, niche-specific attributes, and consistent product information using an efficient catalog system.

Import/export in Yo!KartImport/Export Feature

Admin/seller can easily import or export product data in CSV format to save time and efficiently manage store.

Tax ManagementTax Management

Fetch real-time tax rates and automate tax compliance with pre-integrated Tax Jar and Avalara APIs. Admin can also assign taxes through Yo!Kart’s in-built tax module.

Featured productsFavorite Products

Buyers can add products to either favorite or wishlist depending upon the admin configurations with just one-click. This ensures an effective sales funnel.

Product Management Features in Yo!Kart
Inventory Tracking featureTrack Inventory

Yo!Kart enables the admin/seller to easily track stock count and get alerts whenever an item is about to go out of stock or reaches a set threshold value.

Add productsEasy Product addition

Working in tandem with catalog, adding any new item in the catalog is a quick and easy.

Product Review ManagementProduct Review Management

Manage all the product reviews that you want to show in the “Reviews” section and help users make an informed decision.

Marketing Features

PPC AdvertisementPPC Advertisements

Allow sellers to post advertisements on your marketplace and increase their brand’s reach. You will earn revenue for each click.

Affiliate Module in Yo!KartAffiliate Module

Build a bigger name for your brand and a stronger user base through affiliate marketing. The module rewards affiliates for bringing new customers.

Blog IntegrationBlog Integration

Engage your marketplace audience with quality content while improving your SERP ranks through keyword optimization to generate new leads.

Social sharing featureSocial Media Sharing

All Yo!Kart-powered marketplaces have social media integrations to increase your brand’s global presence and reach out to a broader audience online.

Smart Recommendations featureSmart Recommendations

Improve buyer conversions and increase the Average Order Value with intelligent product recommendations that serve your customers well.

Yo!Kart Seo friendly featuresSEO Settings

Easy to use SEO settings such as add meta tags and descriptions, rewrite search-friendly URLs, image and content optimization, etc.

Wallet ManagementWallets

This quick, easy and secure payment method helps in faster purchases and more AOV.

Marketing bannersPromotional Banners

Show your best deals and discounts through pleasing promotional banners to entice your audience.

Rewards & DiscountsRewards & Discounts

From sign-up rewards to bulk discounts, grab every opportunity to entice and hook your audience with YoKart’s discount coupon management system.

Display Featured ProductsDisplay Featured Products

Allow your vendors to display featured products on the homepage of your marketplace to attract the attention of a maximum number of customers.

Marketing Features

Conversion Features

PPC Advertisement Sign-in using phone number New

Allow users to quickly register/login through a phone number or an email address. To enable registration via the phone number, configure Twilio in general settings.

Affiliate Module in Yo!KartElastic Search Beta

Ability to analyze big volumes of data in real-time and fetch required search query within 10 ms. Improve conversion through extensive search capabilities.

Blog IntegrationAbandoned Cart ManagementNew

Recover lost sales and minimize the rate of abandoned carts effectively with the abandoned cart management feature within the admin dashboard.

Payment Features

20 Payment Gateways in Yo!Kart20 Payment Gateways

Authorize.Net, PayPal, PayU Money, CC Avenue, Omise, Citrus, Khipu, PayTM, Razorpay, Amazon, Stripe, 2Checkout, PayFort, PayU Biz and Braintree.

Wallet Management featureWallet Management

Yo!Kart’s effective wallet management system helps in facilitating more cashless transactions and accepts payments globally.

Multiple payment optionsMultiple Payment Options

Debit/credit cards, e-wallets, payment gateways, bank transfers to the good old cash on delivery, Yo!Kart offers it all!

Rewards Points featureReward Points

Reward your customers for every referral, every sign-up, and watch your leads convert better. Easily setup rewards on purchase within the admin dashboard.

Paypal PayoutPaypal PayoutNew

Sellers can request the admin for direct payout to their Paypal account through Paypal Payout pre-integrated with Yo!Kart.

Withdrawal request managementWithdrawal Request Management

Manage all funds/credits withdrawal requests from one place. Admin can easily approve these requests with a single click.

Secure PaymentsSecure Payments

Secure payments through the wallet and other mediums help in building trust and loyalty among customers.

Payment Gateway IntegrationPayment Gateway Integration

If you want a payment gateway other than the 15 we mentioned above, we’ll integrate it too!

Payment options in Yo!Kart

Reporting and Analytics Features

Sales & reportingSales Reports

Get instant details on sales, inventory value, refunds, and earnings all in one place. Go to reports under the admin dashboard for complete access.

Reporting and Analytics featureUser Signups

Check all the new and existing users (buyers and vendors) that are registered on the marketplace. Admin can manage and delete users from within the dashboard.

Traffic sourcesTraffic Insights

Analyze from where you get the maximum traffic and tweak your campaigns accordingly. Improve your overall marketing process based on the insights.

Social traffic stats
Visitors statisticsVisitor Statistics

Get daily, weekly and monthly statistics of the visitors along with their demographics and other details.

Top selling productsTop Selling Products

Get precise information on the top-selling products of your store in a day, week, month, or year. Combine great deals to increase AOV.

Top searched productsTop Searched Products

Find out what product interests the majority of your audience the most and build an extensive package around it to boost sales.

Conversion statisticsConversion Statistics

Change your conversion rate optimization tactics according to the current stats and your objectives. Find the latest statistics on the dashboard.

Latest ordersLatest Order Report

Automatic update of each order gives you freedom from managing sales reports manually. Get direct insights into your store’s growth.

Non-Performing ProductsNon-Performing Products & Categories

Know why certain items and categories aren’t selling as expected and make the right decision.

Facebook Pixel integrationFacebook Pixel integrationNew

Yo!Kart is integrated with Facebook pixel for better understanding of the audience and relevant engagement.

Mobile Apps Features

Multilingual with RTL SupportMultilingual with RTL Support

Yo!Kart mobile app supports more than 70 languages. It even supports right-to-left languages without hindering the look and feel of the application.

Voice SearchVoice SearchNew

Yo!Kart comes with voice recognition technology to make search easier and faster for customers. It ensures better customer communication, fulfillment, and retention.

Custom Push NotificationsCustom Push NotificationsNew

Attract customers at touchpoints and increase conversion with the help of custom push notifications easily managed from the admin console.

Easy loginEasy loginNew

Yo!Kart mobile apps offer a convenient and quick login option. Customers can log into the app using social media and phone numbers.

Social SharingSocial Sharing New

Enable your customers to share app links through social media channels with the click of a button and get engagement/traffic through word of mouth marketing.

Deep LinkingDeep LinkingNew

Create a unique user experience with the ability to open native URLs & links within the mobile app. This saves users the time to locate a specific page themselves.

Firebase ConsoleFirebase Console

From real-time data storage to app indexing, Yo!Kart buyer app covers all essential Firebase functionalities to help businesses reach out to its customers and grow quickly.

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