Yo!Kart Features

All features that you need for a successful multivendor eCommerce store

Design Features

Brand new UI

New and improved UI across front-end, shops and dashboard pages increases the time users spend in your marketplace.

Display Featured Products

Maximize your featured product’s visibility on the website and boost sales for better ROI.

Separate Seller/Buyer Dashboard Improved

Enhanced dashboard features foster improved usability and enable message handling through a central repository.

Fully Customized Design

If your business requirements call for it, Yo!Kart can be customized to its full extent. We leave enough room for personalization.

Product Management Features

Product Catalog System

Easy and quick product addition allows your sellers to start selling at the earliest.

Import/Export Feature

Quick and easy data migration in CSV format allows easy transition from traditional platforms to Yo!Kart.

Tax Management

Set product taxes depending on the product category, easily and in a streamlined way.

Favorite Products

Featuring favorite products helps in speeding up a customer through the sales funnel.

Track Inventory

Get prompt notification whenever an item is about to go out of stock or a product is shipped.

Easy Product addition

Working in tandem with catalog, adding any new item in the catalog is a quick and easy.

Product Review Management

Manage all the reviews that you want to show in the “Reviews” section.

Rewards & Discounts

From sign-ups to first time purchases, grab every opportunity to entice and hook your audience.

Easy Checkout

Easy checkout helps in faster sales funnel, less abandoned carts, and more AOV.

eCommerce Features

Customer Order Management

Streamline your orders right from order placement to dispatch to delivery.

User Management

Organize your users (buyers, sellers & affiliates) and manage seller approval in simple and easy steps.

Database Backup

Secure your website and your records from sudden and unexpected server issues.

Multi Lingual Functionality

Increase your business to other regions and let people view your site in a language they prefer.

Multivendor eCommerce

Multivendor marketplaces enjoy more stock and higher number of happy customers.

Discount Coupon Management

Admins can create custom discount coupons depending on their own scope of discounts.


A complete content management system to keep your audience hooked to your website through regularly updated visual content and blogs, vlogs, etc.

Multi-Currency Functionality

Go global and touch as many countries as you want with the one-click currency changing feature of Yo!Kart.

ShipStation Integration

Manage all your shipping processes and tasks with the amazing ShipStation API.

Marketing Features

PPC Advertisements

Allow sellers to post advertisement on your website and earn revenue for each click.

Affiliate Module

Build a bigger name for your brand and a stronger user base through affiliate marketing.

Blog Integration

Engage your audience with quality content while improving your SERP ranks through keyword optimization.

Social Media Sharing

Increase your global presence through social media and reach out to broader and more audience.

Smart Recommendations

Increase your AOV with product recommendations that serve your customers well.

Follow Shop

Get more benefits from loyal customers. Allow them to follow a shop they like and get timely updates.

SEO Settings

Easy to use SEO settings such as add meta tags and descriptions, rewrite search-friendly URLs, image and content optimization, etc.

Birthday Discounts

Making your customers feel special and give special offers on their birthdays improve loyalty and future revenue.


This quick, easy and secure payment method helps in faster purchases and more AOV.

Promotional Banners

Show your best deals and discounts through pleasing promotional banners to entice your audience.

Payment Features

15 Payment Gateways

Authorize.Net, PayPal, PayU Money, CC Avenue, Omise, Citrus, Khipu, PayTM, Razorpay, Amazon, Stripe, 2Checkout, PayFort, PayU Biz and Braintree.

Wallet Management

Easy wallet management helps in facilitating more cashless transactions.

Multiple Payment Options

Debit/credit cards, e-wallets, payment gateways, bank transfers to the good old cash on delivery, Yo!Kart offers it all!

Reward Points

Reward your customers for every referral, every sign up and watch your leads and traffic convert better.

Payment Gateway Integration

If you want a payment gateway other than the 13 we mentioned above, we’ll integrate it too!

Withdrawal Request Management

Manage affiliate withdrawals and customer refund requests from one place.

Secure Payments

Secure payments through wallet and other mediums help in building trust and loyalty among customers.

Zero Transaction Fee

There’s only one-time charge of the Yo!Kart license. Once done, there’s no cost of setting up a store, it’s yours now.

PayPal Adaptive Payments

Split payments among sellers, partners and affiliates automatically through PayPal Adaptive Payments. Gone are the days of doing it all manually.

Reporting and Analytics Features

Sales Reports

Get instant details of sales, transactions and return, all at one place.

User Signups

Check all the new users (buyers and vendors) that joined you in a dedicated section.

Traffic Source

Analyze from where you get the maximum traffic and tweak your campaigns accordingly.

Visitor Statistics

Get daily, weekly and monthly statistics of the visitors along with their demographics and other details.

Top Selling Products

Figure out your store’s favorite item and combine great deal to increase AOV.

Top Searched Products

Find out what product your audience searches the most and build a nice package around it.

Conversion Statistics

Change your conversion rate optimization tactics according to the current stats and your objectives.

Latest Order Report

Automatic update of each order gives you freedom from managing sales reports manually.

Non-Performing Products & Categories

Know why certain items and categories aren’t selling and make the right decision.

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