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Wildrobe is an eBay-like online marketplace for branded clothes & accessories in Greece that allows people & fashion stores to list & sell products from their wardrobe.

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Business Goals

Business goals of Wildrobe

Renew your wardrobe with Wildrobe. Easy & fun – with this brand slogan, Wildrobe is changing the way how people stock their wardrobe. The Greece-based online fashion marketplace lets people sell clothes & accessories from their wardrobe to other people who would still be delighted to adopt that style. People sell clothes, which they think no longer define their fashion statement.

Actually, the idea behind Wildrobe is much bigger than that. Wildrobe encourages reuse of fashion pieces that are hanging unused in people’s wardrobe. This results into optimum usage of resources, as a simple cotton t-shirt requires about 2,700 liters of water to be made.

So as a business, Wildrobe is not only helping people in meeting their styling needs with untapped fashion pieces, but is also encouraging the optimal use of resources that our planet has provided us.

Yo!Kart team managed to comprehend & successfully implement all of our custom design & development requirements. We strongly recommend them as excellent developers, very competent & valuable partners.
Konstantinos Papazafeiropoulos

CEO and Co-Founder, Wildrobe

Initial Expert Consultation

For any online C2C (customer to customer) marketplace, assuring product quality is a challenge (as most of the products are used). Wildrobe team had a solution for this problem, which was ‘allowing customers to verify the product before it is shipped.’

Wildrobe’s CEO came to us with this idea, and YoKart’s business analysts were quick to recognize the potential in it and after a detailed discussion on its business model requirements , the team undertook the project readily. Wildrobe’s CEO wanted a custom a design for his online marketplace. All the other requirements of client – marketing features, discount offers, mobile-friendliness, etc. – were already covered in YoKart’s default version.

Custom requirements :

  • Custom Theme Integration
  • Selling Mind Process
  • Custom Payment Options
  • Website in Greek Language
  • Euro to be Supported Currency

Project Execution

After initial project consultation & requirement analysis, it was settled that YoKart’s Go Quick package would be a good pick for Wildrobe’s C2C marketplace setup. The default YoKart system was ideal to accommodate Wildrobe’s online business. Some customization in the existing system was all that was needed to meet project’s unique requirements; a challenge, YoKart’s expert team of designers & developers is always eager to take.

Custom Theme Integration

Custom theme development means the entire UI needed to be designed from the scratch. It is a tedious & laborious job, but luckily we were assisted by Wildrobe team in that. They had a very clear idea on how their website would look & feel like. Wildrobe team even had the wireframes prepared.

That was all that the team of YoKart needed to get the job done quickly & precisely. We developed a pixel-perfect custom theme based on client’s wireframes, integrated it with YoKart system – all within a period of 2-3 weeks.

product placement
wildrobe product showcase

Intuitive UX, Smooth Checkout, & Exclusive Shops

A custom theme gives a unique look to a website; a key element for branding purposes. But it should also offer users intuitive navigation & allow them to perform various tasks easily.

For this, YoKart UX experts coordinated with the client to ensure that the new site design also offers a good user experience and comprises all the key elements that assist customers along their buying journey; thus, ensuring Wildrobe a better conversion rate.

In addition, keeping the C2C nature of the business in mind, we gave shop pages the look and feel of a social media profile; making it easier for customers to connect with the merchants.

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Selling Mind Process Module

Basically the Selling Mind Process module introduced the functionality in the system that ensured customer can verify product quality before it is shipped (as required by the client initially). However, there were many other constraints associated with it, plus, there was a lot of decision making involved in the process. All that made it a pretty complex module to comprehend & implement.

Given the complexity & comprehensiveness of the system, it was a pretty arduous task. But YoKart team took it as an opportunity to demonstrate expertise in custom technology solutions, and built & integrated the entire module within a week’s time. Thus, the Wildrobe C2C marketplace for branded clothes & accessories came into being.

product placement
  • 1000+ sellers partnered with Wildrobe within 3 months of the launch.
  • More than 5000 registered users on the website.
  • Average month over month growth in number of sales: 33%.

Launch & Growth

Within a few months of initial consultation with client, Wildrobe website was made live in early September 2016, and is performing well ever since. After three months of operations, Wildrobe has more than 1000 shops registered on its multivendor store and has over 5 thousand active users.

Also, comparing each month’s performance, the store is growing its business at rate of 33% month-over-month on an average.

It was certain that Wildrobe’s business idea would be a hit among customers. All it needed was support of right technology solution, which YoKart provided by ensuring a good user experience, mobile-friendliness, SEO-readiness and other key qualities for its website.

How YoKart Team Contributed in Wildrobe’s Success

  • Custom theme development & integration
  • Preparing responsive layouts for the custom design
  • Selling Mind Process Module Development
  • Ensuring intuitive user-experience for the custom theme
  • Advised marketing channels for initial promotion of the business

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