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Different of Cause is a UK-based ecommerce marketplace with a unique business model under which it donates a fraction of each order value to a charity.

The online marketplace works with selected vendor partners, each of whom is associated with some charitable cause and donates 10% of the sale value they receive though the website to the charity of their choice.

As of now, Different of Cause is offering products in three categories (Homeware, Jewelry, Kids) and working with 12 vendor partners who are associated with charities for children, related to healthcare,and for other social causes.

How Different of Cause came to life

01 Phase 01 | Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

Different of Cause team came to us with their unique business idea explaining how they are partnering with selected vendors to build an online business with a good growth prospect, which at the same time will give back to the community through its association with charities.

Once going through their business idea and project requirements, we found that YoKart Multivendor System would serve as the right technology solution for the launch of their prospective online business. We were quick to suggest that, and given the nobility of their business idea, more than willing to be their technology partner.

02 Phase 02 | Project Execution

Project Execution

After reviewing YoKart, Different of Cause team was delighted to find that it was pretty much what they were looking for. And after we briefed them on how it will help them in establishing & running their business successfully, they were set to start.

03 Phase 03 | Launch & Initial Growth

Launch & Initial Growth

Startup Package

To make absolutely sure that YoKart was the right solution for their business, Different of Cause decided to launch their online marketplace with YoKart's 'For Startups' package ($250).

Go Quick

After running their business on YoKart platform smoothly for a few weeks, Different of Cause were assured that YoKart is the right technology solution they needed for their business. So, they quickly switched to YoKart's Go-Quick package ($999) to get the key ingredient added to the system, i.e. the charity module.

Once the charity module was integrated in the system, Different of Cause began to observe quick growth in the traction their website was receiving, thus, began to grow more rapidly.


Increase in customer acquisition rate


Increase in Revenue

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04 Phase 04 | Going Next Level : A Custom Website

Going Next Level : A Custom Website

After observing constant growth in business for a couple of months, Different of Cause realized that now they needed a unique online image for their business; thus, decided to opt for YoKart's Go Custom package ($5999) and get their website redesigned completely.

On their call, YoKart team indulged itself in the complete makeover of their website. Our business coordinators, web designers, and UX experts worked together to create a website design that matches client's unique requirements, as well as performs even better at the business front.

Operation Efficiency: Increased by 60% after website makeover
A custom web design based on your unique needs can do wonders for your business Go Custom with YoKart

YoKart turned out to be just the right product we needed for developing our website. The team behind YoKart was also very professional and supportive, and assisted us greatly in customizing the website as per our requirements.

Onika Griffith-Elliott | Founder, Different of Cause

Some Ux Highlights

  • Useful filtering & sorting options
  • Add items to cart from result page in just one click
  • Add items to wishlist & share on social media from the product page
  • Delivery details, return, & refund policy on the product page itself

Success of Different of Cause perfectly aligns with the startup journey we envisioned while developing YoKart multivendor system & planning its packages.

An ecommerce solution that helps startups begin at a small cost and allows them to scale easily as their business needs grow.

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How we contributed in
Different of Cause's success

  • Turnkey Solution (responsive & SEO Ready)
  • Charity module development & integration
  • Website redesign planning
  • Information architecture
  • Wire-framing
  • Visual design
  • Responsive design
  • UX design
  • Content management system

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