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How to Offer Best Shopping Experience to Your Customers

Gautam Sharma12.02.2017

Defining today’s customers is not a difficult task; they are impulsive, have short attention spans, eager to buy, and loyal only to customer experience with occasional instances of drifting off to another website for a better deal. In short, nothing much has changed, and the swift internet has made the already cutthroat competition even more brutal. Customer experience is the key aspect of success of a website, and today, we are going to discuss how best shopping experience to your customers.

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11 Times When Online Shopping Becomes An Ordeal For Users Like Me

Gautam Sharma10.30.2017

While ecommerce companies are striving day in and day out to stay margin positive, customer loyalty is becoming a major concern. But why is it the case? I’ll tell you why, for I am the voice of hundreds and thousands of people like me. I am an ecommerce shopper, one of the numerous, and I’ll tell you what problems your customers are facing while shopping online.

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