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Author: Kavya Nair

Effective Marketing Techniques for Ecommerce Stores to Attract Holiday Shoppers

Kavya Nair11.10.2017

Customers during the holiday season are enthusiastically purchasing gifts and products online. Ecommerce businesses throughout the year wait for this time of the year. Simply displaying your products in front of the holiday shoppers will not entice them to buy it. Instead, businesses should use different marketing tactics to bring a maximum number of holiday shoppers to their website. Read on.

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Key Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Ecommerce Platform

Kavya Nair11.03.2017

Before an aspiring entrepreneur takes the tough decision of which platform to choose, there are many questions that pop up in the mind of entrepreneur. It is very important to answer these questions in order to make the right decision. Choosing the platform is crucial decision as it will decide the fate of your ecommerce startup. Read more to know the answers of the most common questions of entrepreneur.

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How to Effectively Design Social Media Post for eCommerce Marketplace

Kavya Nair10.25.2017

Social media has been an important marketing channel from a long time. Social media platforms are releasing features and tools which if used innovatively can be beneficial for online business especially in ecommerce. Marketing on social media is all about thinking what is the preference of your audience and creating an out of the box strategy. Read this post to find out about social media strategies which can help ecommerce brands engage with audience and increase the user base.

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10 Online Purchase Drivers You Need to Ensure in Your Ecommerce Store

Kavya Nair10.09.2017

There are many aspects on an ecommerce website that collectively influence customers’ buying decision. It is imperative for ecommerce store owners that besides marketing, they also pay heed to these sales-drivers on their website to grow their business. Here in this post, we have listed the 10 most effective purchase-drivers that influence online shoppers buying decision.

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10 Advantages of E-commerce Over Traditional Commerce

Kavya Nair10.05.2017

For all those aspiring entrepreneurs who own a traditional commerce store and are thinking whether it is the right idea to shift to the online world, while traditional commerce has its own advantages, ecommerce stores have replaced all the worries of the customers. Moreover if you want your product to reach more audience the best way is to sell your product online on an ecommerce website. Read this post to find out more.

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11 Proven Ways to Stand Out When Selling Same Products as Everyone Else

Kavya Nair10.03.2017

Ecommerce marketplaces have mushroomed all across the globe as people have started to prefer online marketplaces rather than traditional brick and mortar shops. However,ecommerce marketplace owners need to keep certain tips in mind to stand out of the competition, when the competition is selling the same products. This post covers all the crucial tips for aspiring as well as established ecommerce players in that regard.

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Innovative ways to make your loyal customer stay forever

Kavya Nair09.04.2017

Competition in ecommerce is increasing day by day and the need of the hour for entrepreneurs is to retain the already created customer base. While most ecommerce businesses run after more and more customers, they forget about the existing loyal customers. The following post has some tips which will help you retain customers.

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5 Essential Ecommerce Product Page Elements to Convert Better

Kavya Nair07.19.2017

When designing an ecommerce website, the product page should be considered as one of the most important pages. The final decision of the consumer depends on the layout and elements of the product page. Adding elements that make the customer to trust your website and seller are of utmost importance. Read on to know the essential elements of a product page.

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