Agile Multivendor eCommerce Software

Yo!Kart multi-vendor eCommerce platform configuration coupled with agile engineering practices. We constantly onboards the mission-critical functionalities to keep your business stay one step ahead in a constantly evolving eCommerce marketplace landscape.

Lead by Reimagining your eCommerce Potential with Yo!Kart Multi-vendor Platform

We deliver customizable multi-vendor marketplace software with agility for startups and large organizations to enter new markets, decrease time-to-market, build competitive advantage, delight, and accelerate the growth of your multi-vendor eCommerce business.

customized multivendor solution
Develop eCommerce Capability

We offer a self-hosted multi-vendor platform for startups while delivering bespoke solutions to develop eCommerce capability for large organizations.

Glocal Presence
Enable Glocal* Presence

Provide tailored shopping experiences for multilingual and multinational audiences with our online marketplace solution and mobile apps.
* Global + Local = Glocal

Scalable multi-vendor platform
Scalability under Peak Demand

Scalability under Peak Demand Embrace a customizable multi-vendor solution that enables the growth of your business by accelerating the multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace potential through scalability.

Custom Engineered Multi-vendor Marketplace Platform to Serve Across Verticals

Being self-hosted and completely customizable makes Yo!Kart online marketplace software, the first choice of billion-dollar enterprises worldwide in the precious metals & FMCG industry.

Uni-diamonds b2b lazy marketplace
Online B2B Diamond Trading Marketplace

UNI is a diamond business-to-business (B2B) trading eCommerce marketplace that enables the buyer to search, compare, value, bid, and buy diamonds.

  • Moved to Agile & DevOps for managing end-to-end engineering processes.
  • Launched and delivered 5+ successful digital tenders and trade shows in 2019.
Customizations & Integrations
  • AGS on the backend and V360 as the most-advanced display system on the front-end.
  • Compare products, auction, and bidding system.
  • Advanced 360 degree vision view & inventory insights.
Online Grocery Marketplace

Superlivery is an online grocery marketplace that enables the buyer to order from nearby grocery stores in Brazil, where seller and delivery staff are responsible for fulfillment.

  • Increased the business agility through an automated process.
  • Implemented CICD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) technique.
Superlivery grocery marketplace
Customizations & Integrations
  • Twilio API Integration for order status message delivery.
  • Google Maps API for geo-location & delivery boy route display.
  • payment gateway integration.

One of the World’s Largest Brewers Trust Yo!Kart for Its B2B Marketplace Setup.

The Telegraph Says

Digitization is doing things that were unimaginable for B2B commerce a decade ago. There are many challenges that B2B companies can solve by investing in online marketplaces. Yo!Kart identified the future need a decade ago and started building marketplace solutions for various niches, in both B2B and B2C segments.

Scale-up with an Endless Array of Customizations Supported by Our Multi-vendor Software

Continuing the use of a legacy system or avoiding digitization comes at a price. To achieve rapid transformative change, SMBs & large enterprises can embrace customizing our multi-vendor eCommerce platform.

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Yo!Kart eCommerce Marketplace
Custom Web &
Mobile Experience
Specific Design
Feature Integration
3rd Party
API Integration
Extra Backend

Ecommerce Capability Building Process We Follow for Large Enterprises

We educate our clients to avoid a big kitchen-sink eCommerce web application. Using design thinking and agile methodology, we make a series of small incremental updates by executing two-three weeks sprints and deliver the marketplace minimum viable product (MVP).

Yo!Kart agile & flexible multi-vendor software
We understand your need to decrease the time-to-market. That is why we are extremely agile and flexible
Let’s Work Together

Bridge the Convenience Gap in your Society & Industry with an Online Marketplace

After having served both startups, SMBs, and large organizations, we understand the challenges of the eCommerce marketplace ecosystem. Hence, we have proven quality checks, best practices, & toolsets in place to deliver the right multi-vendor solution over distinct industries

  • Fashion
  • Electronics
  • Jewellery
  • Furniture
  • Grocery
  • Hardware
  • Liquor
  • Sports
  • Hand Made
Yo!Kart Multi-vendor Platform
Launch your eCommerce Marketplace with Yo!Kart Multivendor Platform
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Key features in Yo!Kart marketplace platform

Interact, Explore, & Decide - Key Elements of our Multi-vendor Platform

Launch your online multi-vendor marketplace and leverage market opportunities with Yo!Kart. Design is the first point of user interaction, so we have created a feature-rich multi-vendor eCommerce software and ready-to-use mobile apps. The aesthetically designed user dashboards enable you & your vendors to make data-backed decisions. Key features of Yo!Kart marketplace builder are:

  • Aesthetically created (Big, Bold & Beautiful)
  • High on User Experience
  • User-Friendly Web and Mobile Apps

Get a Complete View & Easily Manage Your Marketplace With Robust Admin Features

Our eCommerce marketplace platform is developed while considering business-level objectives. To run a multi vendor marketplace effortlessly, we offer a wide set of features for business owners to focus on business goals & market objectives.

Product Catalog System

To maintain the quality of product data and make it configurable for buyers and sellers, our multivendor eCommerce marketplace platform comes with a catalog system.

Multiple Payment Options

Every buyer has a preferred payment method which they use for the majority of online transactions. Enable your buyers to pay using their preferential payment mode with Yo!Kart’s 20+ payment methods pre-integrated. The popular payment options include Stripe Connect, credit/debit card, Pay at Store, COD, and digital wallets.

Multilingual Functionality

Take your brand to the global market and provide a tailored online shopping experience with MSN language API integrated with our multi-vendor eCommerce platform.

Tax Management

In-built tax module system to support single vs combined tax structure. Manage tax categories manually or automate tax management using pre-integrated Tax Jar and Avalara Tax APIs. Admin decides whether product prices will be inclusive or exclusive of taxes and vendors can enter the selling price accordingly.

Abandoned Cart

This feature allows the admin to get reports of in-cart items abandoned by users and items deleted by the users. The reports generated can help the admin to strategize to recover the abandoned carts by sending discount coupons or reminders.

Analytics And Reporting

The Dashboard has analytical information and statistics for the admin to refer to for making any future decisions. To review the performance of the marketplace the admin can check the Sales report, visitors data, revenue information on the dashboard itself.

Shipping Management

Fetch live shipping rates, create shipping labels, and track shipments quickly with pre-integrated Shipstation and AfterShip APIs. Also, with our in-built shipping module, Admin/sellers can now define shipping packages categorizing products either as order level, item level shipping, or a combination of both.

Multiple Revenue Channels

The admin of a website can earn revenue from multiple sources such as commission, promotional banners, display featured products on the homepage, Pay-Per-Click (PPC ) advertisements, and subscription.

Packed With All Features To Make Your Multivendor eCommerce Store Successful
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Buyer and Seller Focused Features that Cover Essential Use Cases

Streamlined checkout

Swift checkout process to reduce the number of abandoned carts and ensure an effective sales funnel. The checkout module at Yo!Kart multi-vendor marketplace platform enables buyers to pick their preferences for shipping (Standard or express shipping) and delivery (Home delivery or pick up in-store)

Rewards & Discounts

Allow buyers to earn rewards or avail discounts. Buyers on the online multi-vendor website can earn rewards on new sign-ups as well as the first purchase.

Ratings & Reviews

Enable the buyer to make an informed decision by displaying the rating and reviews section with each product. For flexibility, this section is manageable by the admin.

Smart Recommendations

Display products that matter to potential buyers with the smart recommendation feature. Improve the average order value (AOV) by making use of this vital feature.

Yo!kart Buyer Image
Yo!Kart Buyer iOS App

Provide Seamless Shopping Experience using Mobile Apps by Yo!Kart

Yo!Kart Buyer iOS App

Mobile commerce is the new strategic urgency as large organizations observe the massive adoption of mobile devices. Yo!Kart multi-vendor ecommerce software offers customer-centric buyer mobile apps for Android and iOS. For large organizations with sophisticated eCommerce solutions already in place, custom mobile apps can enable them to provide a superior and seamless experience across devices

Pre-Integrated 3rd Party APIs to Keep Your Business Efficient, Agile and Adaptive

PayPal integration in Yo!Kart
Google Analytics integration in Yo!Kart
Mailchimp integration in Yo!Kart
Shipstation integration in Yo!Kart
Quickbooks integration in Yo!Kart
*Terms and conditions apply
Have a Custom Request for a Specific API Integration To Suit your Business Needs?
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Businesses Powered by Yo!Kart Marketplace Software

It was fun working with Yo!Kart team. They are very supportive and I received quality work from them. Whenever I needed some support, the team was always there to assist. Will definitely work with them for my future projects.

Vishal Anand (Founder) - MyCart Mauritius

I would highly recommend Yo!Kart for your project's needs. They focus on building excellent products that leave a lasting impression. I cannot thank Yo!Kart enough for all the help and support.

Carlos Vernier (CEO and Founder) - Oil & Gas Inventories

2 months of research, trial, and error tested Magento, OpenCart, Woocommerce and different platforms, then we found Yo!Kart, and for sure we weren't wrong. Everything you need to operate a multivendor multilingual multicurrency eCommerce marketplace is there.

Odeh N (Founder and CEO) - Mostawda

Flexibility of product to customize according to business requirements. Good support team. Excellent understanding of technical requirements of clients.

Beerala Vasu Deva Reddy (CEO and Founder) - eWheelers

I love the platform , I like the customer service and they always help in any question that I have.

Cristina Villar Nova (Founder) - Servimerx

Yo!Kart/FATbit provided me a ready made platform that suited my needs as having a little knowledge in the IT background. If anybody have business idea but no knowledge of IT then the platform is perfect for those people would like to invest and develop their business.

Tejkumar Sunuwar (Founder) - Mastang

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